The Chambers brothers


Nobody knew that these would become famous and extraordinary like they are today. Google on every search engine, this group has entertained even the high profile people in the world, presidents, Kings and other respected minorities. It took a lot of sacrifice, going step by step believing that only the best is meant for them. Chounz did everything within reach to make them great and in deed they are today with over a hundred million fans across the globe.

Five stair steps


This is powerful group that caught the attention of people. Chounz used to be the show and deal organizer for the group when it was still in the tender age of music with no one to believe them. Having a lot of faith in Chounz, they managed to be where they are today by getting a lot of perfomances at home and oversees which made them a choice of many people. This is why they still rock upto date because the fame that came along with them.

The impressions


Made by three talented singers, this group had all the aspects of talented musician and they only lacked a route to the world. Through music promotion and music marketing, they started winning deals to perform in events and organizations which made them famous. Through this, they managed to be the choice of many people in the streets thus getting a lot of fans worldwide. Up to date, they are among the top twenty best soul music groups.

The bar keys


Formed in 1966, nobody would have recognized them were it not for the Chounz who organized everything for them. They became famous quickly and started getting fans from all over the world. Today their music hits even in the African radio stations something they did not even imagine of.