9 things you did not know about soul music.


It has made people to fall in love.

Soul music has resulted in many people falling in love through its feelings capturing nature. Couples have forgiven each as they listen to soul music and many families have been restored to their original state after having many disagreement every partner feels the urge to apologize just by listening to music. Take an example like the one of John Legend, “All of me” many people have loved the song not because of entertainment reasons but for love reasons. It gives people the feeling to love more and more.

It is the oldest and first type of music.

Before hip, reggae, crank and Rid dim came into place, this music was the only type in the late centuries. By then, it was practiced using the phonographs. There were no pianos and people used to record the music on a waveform paper. People used to perform on weddings and birthday ceremonies. There were no halls to perform, only in the streets and coffer places where people used to perform on every evening to ensure that people get entertained. It is one of a kind.

The only music that has equal number of fans in all genders.

Unlike hip which has many fans as men, this music has equal male and female fans. It has support because its nature and how it tries to cater for the entertainment needs of all the people. People can have entertainment at all the times regardless of the age. Soul music has enabled wonders to happen in concerts because it is entertaining. But who doesn’t like wonders, everybody does. Through this, it becomes easy for the people to fall in love with the music and they are ready to support it under all circumstances.

Most of its messages are about love.


Most soul music talks about love, betrayal and strong love. It talks about how people fall in love and hoe they have managed to overcome all the circumstances and become something. It could also talk about how lovers persecute one another through the unfaithful acts. Most songs are about love and love. That is why they are loved by all people because everyone is a victim of love in this world. Through this, it has become possible for the people to learn a few things about love that make them stand strong.

Most singers are females.

Because men cannot tune the voice needed to bring a soul music into place, most them cannot sing soul music. As a result, they end up singing the hip hops and reggae music which is easy for their voice to sing. Every music is well structured to ensure that there is no error in voice. Ladies have smooth voices which is suitable for the soul music. They don’t need to practice a lot for them to become heroes in the soul and music industry that men find it difficult to manage.

It is not good for dancing.

Soul music is not the perfect music for dancing. This is because it has slow beats and the moods that come a long with it are kind of slow which makes the song to only good at listening. Few people know how to dance soul music and they are always shy in concerts because they cannot dance while a whole crowd is watching at them. If the music is modernized at least people can dance deep inside their hearts. This is a fact, and it has been noticed worldwide in all concerts.

It does not depreciate in value.

Even the music from the late 90s, it is still interesting up to date. People get interested by listening to it. There is no way one can say soul music is boring because it is always upheld by the message it contains. This is the best thing about soul music. Hip hop can get worn out but soul music will still reign in all stations. Every soul music brings a typical feeling to the listener and people can listen to it any time all day under all moods. This is why it is the best to many people.

Soul music is good for all people.


Unlike hip hop which can ruin kid’s behavior, soul music is always the best because it teaches people the reality and the facts that exist in life. It is good for young people because it has the heart touching beats that create humbleness in kids. It is the best music that young people can listen to without them thinking about money, drugs or criminal acts like the way hip hop can do to your people. Music is culture and when people listen to it, they become transformed.

It has too short songs.

Most of the soul tracks are very short which lead to quick entertainment. People can listen to many songs within the shortest time possible. It therefore avoid time wastage and people can still get the perfect entertainment ever. Just ensure that you get the best hits and you will enjoy. Just like any other music, people can have some music is boring but others are interesting.

How you can find a soul group to be a part of.


It is very important for a soul musician to have a group where he or she can attach himself or herself to. This is for the artiste to get concerts, have the best deals and have a quick career growth that many people cannot not manage when alone. Groups are easily recognized by people than a single artiste. People who look for a group to join are always the new artistes who find it will be easy to grow musically through the groups. This is the best way to even have a little free time for your things.

Get your music perfect first.

Many groups prefer having assets that liabilities. The excellence of your music matters a lot so you need to make it as perfect as possible. Take a lot of practice and ensure that your test performance is going to convince the group at first. Every group offers teaching to new artistes but if you already perfect, even your rates are going to be high enough to make you earn a lot of money in every concert you handle. Just ensure that you get the perfect group for yourself.

Check the reputation of the group.

You always look at the future of your music career so it is good to ensure that you get the best group to enroll with. Look at the year it was started. Groups that were started long time ago have all the experience needed to keep you at a safer region. You are able to make progress with such a group because it already has sponsors who are not going to make you an exception. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best group which can promise your career future.

Face the group.

You now have your music perfect, you have everything has been put in pace and all things have now been made easy for you through wonderful hits. You can go to the group now and inquire about partnership. The only thing that can claim space for you in any soul music group is your hits. If they are fine enough then you definitely have a direct place and you become part of the group. Don’t send emails or write messages, just go and personally to the group and find out if they can accept you.

Don’t be rude, obey.

Most of the people tend to become rude to mangers after they see they are making money from regular concerts. But you have to remember where you coming from and ensure that you respect those people who developed your career to greater heights. Its time you get to appreciate those who took you from the indoors and made you face and convince the world that you are a singer. Conduct yourself professionally and you will have a better future a head. People who get fired from groups normally suffer before they become who they were again.

How to become a professional soul music artiste of the 21st century

Soul music is not just like any other, it needs a lot of preparation and creativity to ensure that the sound intonation are able to capture the feelings and mood of the audience. A lot of things are required to make soul music a choice to the people. With the invention of new recording instruments, people are not struggling any longer because their voices can be twisted to become how they are desired to be. But that is not the solution because artistes who twist their voices using machines are normally boring on stage. Below are the things that one should do to become a true Legend.

Write your own music.

Legends are not born, they are made. You don’t have to sit down for someone to write lyrics for you. Start by writing short poems, recite them daily and you will see yourself going somewhere. People who have their music written by other people are normal singers, they have no knowledge of how to manage themselves in case that writer disappears. Learn how to compose lyrics and arrange them perfectly. This way, you can even be writer and a musician at the same time which is a very perfect thing.

Sing and record yourself always.

Once you have your lines, train your voice now. Step by step, recite and repeat with an intention to make your voice better every now and then. Voices are always made from practice. You cannot have a perfect voice by singing for one day. It takes practice and notice where you are going wrong and correct yourself. Don’t be afraid of your voice and give up, with time it will get better. It just a matter of the vocal cords adapting to the new intonations and you will be okay to go.

Sing the music of other musicians to people.

We all have our own role models when it comes to everything in life. People become who they are through following the footsteps of their role models. As a singer, you can choose one music from any artiste and sing it to your friends. That way you will get feedback. If they start saying that you are singing like so and so, then you have to know that you are going somewhere as far as music career is concerned. You can go on to practice your music, in your own style and ensure that you perfect your skills throughout. This is the best thing about music, the more practice you make the more expert you become and therefore the journey is long. Step after step, accepting the mistakes you make and try to remove them.

Now people have said you are okay.

That is the beginning of having fans, don’t say it’s a small number. It is time to move to the studios now. Carry your music on your head not on papers. Meet the producer and talk to him or her. Obviously, they are going to tell you to sing on a freestyle mood and they will have to rate your voice. Through this one would be able to ensure that he or she makes the singing perfect and it is only through that singing a lone and recording yourself that can help you in this scenario. Producers cannot let talents go so definitely they will make a beat for you. Through that music you have and the beat, the song is going to be produced and you will now be a public artiste but with no fans.

Take music to the radio stations

It’s time for people to hear your song. Marketing is highly needed. You can take it to the radio stations and TV channels where it will be played and people shall start to know you. Remember you need to keep your game up so even as you are trying to market your first single, ensure that you have a pen and a paper and keep practicing. When the music is played in the radios and TVs and it is voted for, you start becoming famous. Open a Facebook page and let your fans have contact of you.

Time to face the streets.

Ask for shows now but mostly if the music is good, you can attach yourself to music managers who can organize shows for you. Through that tender musical age, you can get shows locally and abroad which will make you famous at all times and you will have the privilege to become more famous. No matter how big you are, you need to attach yourself to music managers because they are the ones that are going to stand with you in determining the best deals for you since they know how the market is.

Throw your albums to your fans.

Now even on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, people are asking when you will release your next album. This is the time when you know you have become a perfect musician. Keep you game up and avoid using your fame in the bad way because in so doing, your concentration to music will go down

7 soul concerts that you should consider attending


Tetbury Westornbirt Arboretum

This is a concert that has been announced by the Rudimental group, a very powerful soul music group that has claimed many awards from the industry due to their unbeatable professionalism as far as music is concerned. This has been programmed to take place on Thursday Jun 16 at Tetbury with affordable tickets of only $37. This is a chance for all people to go and have fun there.

St Austel Eden project

St Austel Eden project

This is organized to have Lionel Richie, the Soul music I con of all times to perform at that powerful stage. Richie has myriad of shows programmed to happen in London and oversees. But for this, it has been programmed to take place on 14th June this year with tickets ranging from $15 to $20 depending on whether you are a VIP or a normal attendant.

London 02, Shepherds Bush Empire

London 02, Shepherds Bush Empire

Another one of the powerful shows that has been arranged and organized perfectly for both locally and international people to attend. The vintage shall be making wonders in this Legendry place to ensure that their fans will live to remember. The desired date for this show is meant to happen on Wednesday June 22nd 2016. Its tickets are very affordable because they have planned to make sure that all people are4 able to attend following complaints from fans that their shows are expensive in a way. Due to this one can grab the tickets to that event for only $22 which is inclusive of everything.

Sunderland stadium of Light

Sunderland stadium of Light

This is one of the major shows because the world’s Soul music champion, Beyoncé will be painting the stage red and throwing her fans into the air. This is a concert that within reach, one should not miss it by all chance. On 28th June is when the concert is meant to take place. Beyoncé has some other several shows that have been programmed to take place in London which is the best place that people can be. Beyoncé’s concerts have always made history since she started to perform. Tickets starts at $50 per head meaning one needs to be prepared.

London Hyde Park

At the wide park field on 10th June 2016, Stevie Wonder shall be doing his thing in the legendry music hall. All people from across the globe are welcomed. This is one of the amazing shows in June because Wonder has always been one a kind in all his shows and people cannot stop attending his shows no matter what. This time, the tickets have been reduced to $70 which is very affordable compared to the previous ones.

London Even Tim Apollo

This is indeed another wonderful occasion that people who love soul music should not miss to attend. It has been organized by powerful people who understand how to plan for an event and everything is set to ensure that people will have fun to their maximum capacity. Shawn Mendes is the artiste that will be on stage. He is known for raising the happiness mood of his fans on all his shows. Following this reputation, it is of no doubt that he holds unbeatable talent that has made him to win a lot a lot of awards as well as new fans. He is known worldwide as a wonder hit maker.

Glasgow Royal concert hall

This is on 23rd June. Cyndi Lauper, the talented soul music and a champion performer at all times will be making wonders come this date. She has the best voice ever and from experience, she knows how to capture the attention of fans and sing with them. Come an experience the wonderful shows that she is making to the fans. She has several shows and they are all perfectly organized to ensure that there is no hindrance of any kind. The tickets are $40 each meaning they are a bit low so people can have the advantage and attend that concert.

4 amazing soul groups of 2016


The group of Donnie Trumpet

The group of Donnie Trumpet

This group swapped others and claimed the top position through its powerful single called surf. It is a group that is led by Donnie the known legend in the industry of soul music and it has released a lot of wonderful hits that many people have ended up loving. Having perfect materials or musical instruments has made them to reach a great level that they have been wishing or expecting to reach.

Thunder cut, the beyond

Thunder cut, the beyond

This is another group that released the above album. They have won many awards due to their wonderful work and every day is an opportunity for them. They invaded the industry with amazing singles that made them to win, millions of customers from across the globe. To add on to their wonderful talents, they got reliable sponsors and promoters who ensured that they are going to raise to upper level at a very quick rate. It is highly rated on any music site and you can bear witness by visiting all the music sites. They are a choice to many people due to their excellent melodies that come from serious singers.

Hiayatas Caiyote album producers

Hiayatas Caiyote album producers

Their name is not well known but they produced that Album. Everything in that album shows maturity and ripeness as far as quality music is concerned. Fans keep on crying for new albums because the thirst of the music from this group keeps on shooting high. They have won numerous awards from various competition and they are now recognized worldwide.

The internet- Ego death

The internet- Ego death

You can ignore their hits, this is crystal clear, and every line captures the feelings of the audience making them to listen again and again. They sing music that has a lot message to the listeners which make them as teachers to the public.