Soul Choonz is one of the soul music promotion gurus who have contributed to the rise of many young talents and the growth of the already existing talents. Since it is made by people who understand soul music, it has all the resources and equipment that soul music artistes may want for their careers to progress from one level to another. It was developed many years ago and having stayed in the industry for long, it has all the loopholes to make soul artistes meet their target without any hustle. Starting from the beginning, they promote an artiste in all aspects and ensure that they build him or her to become what he is dreaming to become.

They have been promoting artistes through various tasks like promoting their music, organizing for shows and signing for the deals of all the artistes. They are well aware that some artistes are talented by they cannot manage themselves. They have been managers and organizers to make the artistes become stars. Providing support to all who want to enrolled in the music awards and ensure that they get all the support needed to the completion of any process. Every artiste is handled typically until he or she meets his target.