9 things you did not know about soul music.


It has made people to fall in love.

Soul music has resulted in many people falling in love through its feelings capturing nature. Couples have forgiven each as they listen to soul music and many families have been restored to their original state after having many disagreement every partner feels the urge to apologize just by listening to music. Take an example like the one of John Legend, “All of me” many people have loved the song not because of entertainment reasons but for love reasons. It gives people the feeling to love more and more.

It is the oldest and first type of music.

Before hip, reggae, crank and Rid dim came into place, this music was the only type in the late centuries. By then, it was practiced using the phonographs. There were no pianos and people used to record the music on a waveform paper. People used to perform on weddings and birthday ceremonies. There were no halls to perform, only in the streets and coffer places where people used to perform on every evening to ensure that people get entertained. It is one of a kind.

The only music that has equal number of fans in all genders.

Unlike hip which has many fans as men, this music has equal male and female fans. It has support because its nature and how it tries to cater for the entertainment needs of all the people. People can have entertainment at all the times regardless of the age. Soul music has enabled wonders to happen in concerts because it is entertaining. But who doesn’t like wonders, everybody does. Through this, it becomes easy for the people to fall in love with the music and they are ready to support it under all circumstances.

Most of its messages are about love.


Most soul music talks about love, betrayal and strong love. It talks about how people fall in love and hoe they have managed to overcome all the circumstances and become something. It could also talk about how lovers persecute one another through the unfaithful acts. Most songs are about love and love. That is why they are loved by all people because everyone is a victim of love in this world. Through this, it has become possible for the people to learn a few things about love that make them stand strong.

Most singers are females.

Because men cannot tune the voice needed to bring a soul music into place, most them cannot sing soul music. As a result, they end up singing the hip hops and reggae music which is easy for their voice to sing. Every music is well structured to ensure that there is no error in voice. Ladies have smooth voices which is suitable for the soul music. They don’t need to practice a lot for them to become heroes in the soul and music industry that men find it difficult to manage.

It is not good for dancing.

Soul music is not the perfect music for dancing. This is because it has slow beats and the moods that come a long with it are kind of slow which makes the song to only good at listening. Few people know how to dance soul music and they are always shy in concerts because they cannot dance while a whole crowd is watching at them. If the music is modernized at least people can dance deep inside their hearts. This is a fact, and it has been noticed worldwide in all concerts.

It does not depreciate in value.

Even the music from the late 90s, it is still interesting up to date. People get interested by listening to it. There is no way one can say soul music is boring because it is always upheld by the message it contains. This is the best thing about soul music. Hip hop can get worn out but soul music will still reign in all stations. Every soul music brings a typical feeling to the listener and people can listen to it any time all day under all moods. This is why it is the best to many people.

Soul music is good for all people.


Unlike hip hop which can ruin kid’s behavior, soul music is always the best because it teaches people the reality and the facts that exist in life. It is good for young people because it has the heart touching beats that create humbleness in kids. It is the best music that young people can listen to without them thinking about money, drugs or criminal acts like the way hip hop can do to your people. Music is culture and when people listen to it, they become transformed.

It has too short songs.

Most of the soul tracks are very short which lead to quick entertainment. People can listen to many songs within the shortest time possible. It therefore avoid time wastage and people can still get the perfect entertainment ever. Just ensure that you get the best hits and you will enjoy. Just like any other music, people can have some music is boring but others are interesting.