Music Marketing

Soul Chounz have been involved in the making of music. They have produced many music tracks, both single and albums. Through this, they have been promoting music and market the artiste in a perfect way to ensure that the artiste get to high level.


Organizing for shows of the Artist.

It is hard for new artiste to be recognized and be offered shows to perform. This site has enabled hundreds of artiste to get shows and manifest their talents to the world. Through this, artiste become great and start winning tenders to go and perform in various places.


Music Promotion

By posting the music on YouTube and marketing the video over social media and chat rooms, the music of the artistes under Chounz became famous and superior making the artiste to become famous and heroes. Music promotion was also done through insisting radio stations and TV channels to pay the soul music of a certain musician to ensure that large audience listens and get aware about the existence of some artistes. This was done to ensure that people buy the music and promote the artiste to further heights there by making him or her famous and loved.


Music Industry links and Affiliate Marketing.

Sometimes artistes know what they are doing but they just want to maintain their already build up profile to their fans. Through the chounz, this has been made possible through extensive marketing and the artiste could end up having fans from all places of the world because this is an experienced site that has handled many legends who were hopeless in their progress but they have now made it and they are living the life they have always been dreaming to live. Get all the promotion you need to reach where you want. We recently helped even big sites in the music business like GuitarFella to further optimize their strategy and affiliate promotions.

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